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Welcome. . . 
to a sampling of pioneer materials available for planning a creative pioneer trek experience. 

This site is an overview of various scripts and music that have been written and performed by stakes, wards, and hundreds of pioneer trekkers.

Within their journals lie lessons left for each of us .
May you enjoy!

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Vocal Music Overview

Written score with  both vocal words and piano accompaniments for entire production of Silhouettes Against the Storm (13 songs)
Featuring God Was There, Hold Theme Close, Hidden Treasures, Handcarts West, Red-Red Shawl, Mama Mama, Zion in the Sky, Until the Morning, Soldier Boy, Trust in the Lord, He Warms My Soul, Rejoice, Courage Grow

Contains the vocal renditions of soloists and choir, as well as the instrumental accomp. 
Silhouettes Against the Storm.

MINUS CD / Production CD
Instrumental accompaniment, sound effects, underscoring for dramatic affects for firesides, on trek story tellings. To aid in your presentations.

Contain all the words to the 13 original songs from Silhouettes Against the Storm.

Scripts and Trek Aids

Contains a broad variety of ideas from stakes and wards who have participated on a pioneer trek. Packed full of ideas to do prior to trek, while on trek, and then following the trek experience. Broad topics from what not to wear - to original pioneer recipes. There are suggestions for things that can be done on Sabbath, YW/ YM activities, family reunions.

Narrations and stories that were written for the play: Silhouettes Against the Storm. Wonderful vignettes that inspire. The music makes it usable for many teaching moments. Each is created for your use with the Minus CD.

Short journal entries - can be used as narratives, monologues. Great for use during opening exercises, announcements, weekly bulletins, newsletters, journals on the trail.  Many groups have used to aid them in their "Trek Journal".  

Six original firesides that contain dialogue, narration, music guides, ideas, poetry and
 scripts to enhance and instruct.
Dreams of Better Days
Carry Forth the Light
We The Builders
Hear Their Voices
Five Journals
Zion Bound

Created as an overview for pioneer trek planning. Monthly themed focus, plus activities to use as a group around the following themes: Conversion, Obedience, Faith, Trust, Wolves of Today, Families, Priesthood Blessings, Righteousness, Sacrifice, Testimony.
Voices is a workbook filled with journal entries and historical accounts that teach the parallels of today.  

Journal writing - written in First Person monologues. Sharing of both male and female parts. Great to use for any setting, Sunday Sharing, on trek, firesides, pioneer spots, etc. 25 parts for each male and female + parts for the Rescuers.  Make your pioneers come alive with touching stories of their "walk".  Can use independently or combine to make a creative class presentation, or fireside. These are great to use while traveling on the bus.

This collection of silhouettes are fantastic for monologues or numerous acting parts. Parts are taken from pioneer journals using visual props (items) ie: basket, scarf, shawl, Bible, shoes, etc) to help change characters.  It is a walk with FAITH.  Can be used by one person as a monologue or with many actors.  45-50 minutes.

This collection of stories concerning "MIRACLES" experienced in the journey of many pioneers. Illustrates through dialogue the sensitivity of God. Great focus for teaching about the importance of believing in today's miracles.

Monologues of pioneer women and girls that touch and teach the values learned upon the trail. Using one women to stitch the top of a quilt the girls share through "colors" -"values" patches- while they are being  stitched into the presentation.  Can make a quilt, or an apron.  Faith, Divine Nature, Choice, Accountability... Created for the Young Women program.

Readers Theatre for women. Using poetry to link the dialogue, journal entries are utilized in clever portrayal as a woman stitches together a quilt of various colors that are described in the journal of histories.  Thus creating history in color, thought and testimony.  Time: 50-60 minutes

Readers Theatre originally written for seven women, now an additional  rendition of it including males is performed at Martin's Cove, Wyoming at Trek training.  Various parts and costume changes make this a very informative and touching presentation. 

15 minute presentation to dramatically introduce "pioneers"  Used as a spiritual road show to take to wards.  Great Kick-off to involve many actors from the stake.  Music and brief narration and parts.

15 minutes or less.  Written in monologue or short narrative format
Stories that stand alone or teach a parallel principal for today.
• Red, Red, Shawl   ~  Atonement - Priesthood
• Acquainted With God   ~   Testimony
• Standing Watch   ~  Wolves of Today
• Written in the Heart  ~  Trust in God
• Dripping in the Spirit ~ Conversion
• Holding Faithful  ~  Promises

This book is filled with PRE-TREK help:
• Hanky doll pattern and original poem
• Original and creative bulletins to help excite your company.
• Cadance calls - to make the walk a bit more fun. Have each Ma and Pa teach their family and give everyone a chance to enjoy cadance on the trail.
• Living advertisements - involve many of your youth in preparing short trek intros and advertisement.
• Quiz questions to ask on the bus as company travels. Great competition.
• Qriginal poetry to use for firesides, devotionals, lessons.
• Logo and art ideas.
• Clip art to make effective programs, bulletins, posers, covers, etc. 

~ Production
Calls for a cast of 100-200 people. Play is filled with "silhouettes" of pioneers. Dramatically packed with visual and emotional scripting. Original music links the hearts throughout the production and ties it all together in testimony. God Was There, Until the Morning, Mama, Mama,  are featured musical numbers.  Time 1.45 minutes